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Album To Drop Next Week – FREE




Its been a long time coming, so I figured I would give you all my album. Yes I am going to give it to you, free of charge.


Music is about…well music.  Im not trying to make money, or get noticed, I want you guys to enjoy good music for free.


This album has been in the making for over a year. It has many different emotions and feelings to it that I have gained over the past few years of my life. I love the art of making music and producing quality electronic music.

The album title will be released along with the album itself.

Stay tuned to SeanBartley.com for the drop of the album and many things to follow.

I honestly appreciate all of your support, and I will strive to make good music for good people, even if its free. Thats what music is about.


Cut for the Cure (Post via JourneysCoffee and Dan Lacher)


“For those of you that know Sean Bartley, one of the amazing baristas at journeys coffeehouse, you will know that Sean has always seemed to have this long hair that he loves.  Just over a week ago now two of us were joking with Sean on shaving his head… the matter quickly came to that if we could raise $500 basically overnight he would shave his head and donate all of the money to breast cancer research.  To all of our amazement we were able to raise not $500 but over $1000.

So today we gathered at journeys coffeehouse as well as online via a live streaming of the event to share in this amazing story.  Sean has is hair dresser of many years, Kathy, come out to do the honors.  We had several breast cancer survivors join us in person as well as on the live stream.

We just wanted to share the story and one man’s step in helping fight to find a cure.  Please don’t let the fight end with just one event, keep on fighting for the cure.

For those that are on Facebook, there is a full photo collection here.”

Thanks Dan for the awesome conclusion to an awesome day and cause! I was honored to do this!


Fair food, Tigers and Hair Prep!


Tonight was a typical summer night that has to happen once a year. A night out at the fair. This includes the following:

1. Eating food that makes your stomach feel like its eating itself.

2. Looking at the people walking around feeling glad about your life and hoping people are blessed with non-weired syndrome.

3.Watching tigers perform tricks, and sit there hoping… I MEAN wondering if the tigers are going to eat the trainers.

All in all a typical night out at the fair, oh and if that was not fun enough I GET TO GO AGAIN this friday. How lucky could one be…

Now that I am home relaxing, im taking in the final hours im a long haired freak! Prepping my hair by getting all the big curls out and making sure its well conditioned for the cut tomorrow! Im actully pretty stoked about tomorrow, yea, im cutting off my hair but I am so proud like I said before to be giving so much money to a awesome cause!

You can view the hair cut LIVE TOMORROW at 5:30pm EST at this link! http://www.ustream.tv/channel/journeyscoffee

Off for the night now. Time to get some rest and relaxation. I get to open the shop tomorrow morning bright and early, it’s been awhile so I might be dead! Like I have always said before, yes im getting up early…but the best place to be when you are sleepy is around good coffee.

Have a good night all! And if you have nothing else to do in life, think about giving back to people. It makes you feel better then recieving anything in the world!


Cutting For the Cure


So as most of you know I have had long hair for most of my life. In fact the only time I have not was a very short time in middle school.  My hair has made me pretty much the person I am today.

Early last week I said that I would cut of all my hair if we raised 500$ in the name of breast cancer awareness. I am proud to say that we have raised well over 1,000$ at this point and thats bad news for the fate of my long curly locks!

This coming thursday at 5:30pm EST, I will be rolling up my sleves, taking a deep breath and cutting of the hair that I have had for almost 12 years!

I am totally happy that I could raise money for a awesome cause! To me now, its much more than the hair, its about doing something that can make a diffrence!

I just wanted to post this in advance so that if anyone wants to come be a part of the fun, it will be taking place at JourneysCoffee house This Thursday at 5:30pm. If you CANT make it in person you can watch the LIVE online feed of the event at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/journeyscoffee. Of course picture will also follow!

See you all next time, and hey I might be about 20 pounds lighter! 🙂

Love to all!


Starbucks Fails (Again)


This is going to be a quick and simple post, becasue I need somewhere to rant about this new starbucks campain.

Starbucks has now come up with the idea that people are going to buy instant coffee from them. Scary thing is, they are right!

They have finally gone off the coffee deep end. Every little TINY bit of respect I was slowly gaining from starbucks has 

now just been flushged down the drain. 

First of all there is NO SUCH THING as a FRESH cup of instant coffee, I dont care how many words Starbucks throws in a Stupid internet commercial (http://www.starbucks.com/coffee/c17-instant-coffee.aspx) saying all kinds of technical words that they know regular Starbucks customers are going to belive and fall for…They are lying to you. It is just not possible. 

The only way to get a fresh cup of coffee is from FRESH GROUND BEANS. On location, and brewed right in from of you.

Now I know alot of people are not going to care, becasue they are not the coffee geek that I am, but what they need to think about is that this VIA instant brew is not cheep, and if you really want a fresh cup of coffee, your going to STILL save money by stopping by your local coffee house and getting one. One that has been hand mande and cared for. 

Starbucks has finally resorted to a plain and simple method of just wanting to make more money. MORE MONEY. 

They may tell 

you that they care about your cup of coffee, but if you buy this new instant brew, your only going to be instnaly flushing 

your money down the pooper on a poorly cared for fash, cup of muck.